Employees’ Retirement Fund

We end the Certificate Series with Chief of Communications, Melissa Harris.  Melissa has worked for the City and ERF for nearly 18 years.  She will walk you though your ERF benefits step by step.  In addition to your pension information, expect some suggestions on interesting things to do in retirement.

Fidelity Investments

Retirement Planner John Wells from Fidelity Investments (the City’s Deferred Compensation Plan) will talk to you about the benefits of the plan.  If you are already in the City’s 401K or 457 plans, you’ll learn the process to successfully transfer all or some of your lump sum payment at retirement to the deferred compensation plan and why you might choose to do so.

Managing Your Money & Credit

For over 20 years Jenny Stewart worked for Consumer Credit Counseling, a non-profit organization located in Dallas (now known as Transformance). At both organizations, she served as an expert financial counselor and speaker. Jenny is a lively speaker that makes talking about credit and finance interesting.

Taxes After Retirement

The Employees’ Retirement Fund Accounting Department representative will talk about how your taxes may differ after you retire.  For this seminar Senior Accounting Specialist, Saki Vimal will discuss topics like how much your pension may be taxed, what you should do if you plan on living abroad and answer questions you may have.

Your Social Security Benefit

Tom Clark was a Social Security Public Affairs Specialist and retired after over 30 years of service.  He now travels the country doing seminars explaining Social Security benefits to thousands of people a year.  In this seminar, you will learn how you qualify for benefits, how your benefit will be paid, disability benefits and more.

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