Stop Trying to Beat the Market

Dallas Morning News Editorial
August 27, 2020

Couch Potato Investors Do Better Than Texas Pension Managers

What if you could do almost nothing at your job and still outperform 97% of your co-workers

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Scott Burns: How Many Texas Public Pension Funds Beat a Simple Index Fund?

Dallas Morning News
August 15, 2020

Serving up a scorecard of the best - and worst - managed of the state's public pension funds.

Texas has 99 public pension funds. All are managed by professionals. Those professionals are devoted to providing superior management, and they are paid well to do it.

Very well.

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Dallas Squares off with Another City Pension Fund — This Time the One for Civilian Employees

Dallas City Hall is back in what has become a familiar spot: a legal fight against an employee pension system.

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Judge Issues TRO to Protect City’s $3.6 Billion Civilian Pension Fund

Dallas Morning News
September 27, 2018

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